Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LG TV Turns on by itself and channel surfs?

I've got a 20" LG 20LS7D flat panel TV. We've had it for over a month now and have recently moved. Previously the TV was hooked-up to a Comcast Digital Cable box. Everything worked fine. When we moved, we hooked-up to the existing Dish Network system in the house. Now the TV will randomly switch itself on. Sometimes it channel surfs on its own or will just turn on to channel 70 or something along those lines.

I've tried power cycling, leaving the tv unplugged for a day (both from the wall and from the back of the tv at seperate times), taking the batteries out of the remote, turned off all the timers on the tv and sattelite box, etc. None of this seems to work and the TV keeps doing this. LG has nothing on their forums worth any help.

Other than a ghost (which I've checked into ;-) ), what might this problem be? Has anybody else had this experience? Thanks!!!!


LG TV Turns on by itself and channel surfs?
You have ONE of two possibilities....on the Front panel buttons, you MIGHT have a stuck button or leaky button....

I suspect that if ALL it does is change channels...it would be a channel UP or DOWN button stuck....yes, it can fire up the tv too....But it will dedicate itself to doing only ONE function.

IF you have multiple operations, like changing channels, menu appearing, volume changing....then the MOST likely problem is actually the microprocessor causing the problem....BUT it is STILL possible to have SEVERAL buttons stuck....rare, but possible.

And unfortunately unplugging it won't even help in any of these possibilities....

You have to start with pressing each and every button one at a time and see if the problem stops afterwards....

IF it doesn't, then the next step is to measure the resistance across each button....they should read Infinite ohms.

If any measure lower, the button should be removed and see if the TV acts normally...

IF the buttons are located on a separate board with a plug that can be disconnected, you can just disconnect that while it's acting up and see if the problem disappears.....

If it still misbehaves after this, you NEED to get it to a TV tech for further analysis with a scope.....
Reply:Ever seen Poltergeist?
Reply:if it never did it before you moved to where you're living now, something near you must be using the same frequency that you're television uses.

the only way to solve your problem would be to figure out where this foreign frequency is coming from, and eliminate it,


get a new television, one that does not use the same frequency.

when i was very young, i noticed my remote control car would move all by itself for no reason as long as batteries were in it, and it was switched "ON". the batteries could be out of the remote itself, and the car would still move, at odd times, and sometimes i wouldn't have the problem at all. i began to realize, i only experienced this problem, while my dad was in the garage. once i brought my remote control car downstairs, leaving the remote in my room with the batteries removed, and walked into the garage with my car. my dad had his cordless drill out, and was using it fixing a shelf. as he operated the drill, my remote control car would move all by itself. when it was time to screw something else in, and the drill was being used, this would be the only time the car would move on its own. problem solved! from that point on, i only used my remote control car while my dad was not in the garage. before i had figured it out, my car almost drove itself into a storm drain while i was driving it around my col-de-sac.

there is a new and/or different signal coming from somewhere, for some reason at this new place you are living. if you can figure out what it is, you'll be in business.

if you need some ideas to getting started, i would suggest locking your car with your car remote (if you have one), and watching to see if anything happens.

or maybe turning on your microwave, (although that sounds a little far fetched to me)

anything at all that might emit an electronic frequency in or around your household might be the culprit.

retrace your steps the last time it happened. was anything happening outside? were you doing anything that involved other electronics?

there are so many avenues to explore, its difficult to tell what might be the variable you are looking for, and it will be a long and possibly frustrating road to figure out what is causing this problem, but as long as its not a military jet or something flying above your house every few hours, emitting this signal, you should have the power to get whatever it is to stop.

the only other idea that i can come up with, is that your neighbor might have a universal remote of some type (the Logitec Harmony remote lines would be easily capable of simulating your remote) and is playing a trick on you.

i myself have one of these remotes, and while they arent cheap, they work nicely as long as you know how to program them correctly.

it looks like google had nothing on a similar problem concerning your television. once this is all over and done with, i would submit a review about the TV online, possibly on Http://www.cnet.com as they always have the option for you to review a product you own. just so anyone else who had this horrible nightmare would be able to solve it easier.

good luck! let us know how it all turns out! i hope i was able to help you out at least a little!
Reply:front panel buttons are stuck up. have it changed.
Reply:Check and make sure there is nothing else sending infrared signals around your tv. Make sure your neighbour doesn't have the same tv (it might happen). Check the front buttons to see if they are stuck. Change the remote batteries. If nothing works, call LG and get it replaced.
Reply:Sounds like a ghost to me. Really. I believe and so should you.

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  1. This is called automatic dish network tv which don't bother people and starts on its own.